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Future Plans

A flowing water of life cannot be stagnant. In the same way the school also has future plans of development which are as under:

Proposed Projects:

1) E-Library:
E- Library is an ambitious project under development to create an opportunity for the students to expand their horizons and discover new treasures of knowledge beyond what they experience in life and read in their textbooks. Students can have a great deal of self learning and exploring their unique areas of interest.

2) Sports:

2.1) Development of ground for Basket Ball Ground and Tennis Court for optimum performance and real experience of the games so that the students can refine their skills and gain confidence to bevictorious in future.

2.2) The Cricket Academy with a provision of equipment like :

a) Tiger V-Double Wheel Cricket ball throwing machine
b) Tiger Turf-long lasting synthetic grass for cricket pitch (size 2.75 x 10 mts)
c) Rotary Lawn Mower push type for cricket pitches.

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