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Academic Advisor

Padma B. Patel

It is common sense that if an Activity is enjoyble, it will be Memorable; the language involved Will ‘stick’ and children will have a sense of achievement which will devlep motivation for process generates a positive attitude towards learning English. Children learn a lot more than English in their classes: the tasks and activities stomulate and continue their all-round development.

‘Rousers ’wake a class up . they get The adrenalin going . typical ‘rousers ’ are movement activities Where there is an element of Compeetition.

‘settlers’ on the other hand calm a Class down. Typical , ‘settlers’ are Craft activities and games which Focus on lostening. Writing Activities also tend to settle a class.

Choral reading, pyramid reading, radio reading where the children read the sentences loudly and then silently with their lips moving , offer many benefits.

Our school aims at giving a place, Free of fear and anxiety where Children are given a selective Ownership and no physical or Mental harm is permitted so as to Enable them to grow naturally.

Padma B. Patel |Acadmic Adisor& Education Consultant |

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