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Shree H.M. Patel Sir

Education is the process of transformation. It begins before the birth of the child in mother’s womb and is a lifelong process. To be an educationist is to be a true saint. A teacher requires the qualities as lifelong learner, cool headed, open to criticism and above all at the service of students all the time. The Ancient Education system of India, the ashrams , the Rishies used to use all faculties of mind, body (physical & vital) and all activities were centered around the life. On successful completion of test by the Guru, the learner was awarded the power to use knowledge, not the degree. The Gurus used to perform the roles of friend, philosopher, guide and mentor, even father and mother’s role when needed.

Dissolution is increasingly becoming a cause of worry in the world over today. Directly or indirectly, the Modern Education System with innovations in teaching & learning methodology has led to the situation of knowledge and not the application of knowledge. There is an overall erosion of values; old orders are fraying, giving way to more disintegrated and disharmonious life style. At both the global as well as the local level, we are yet to achieve peace, equal opportunity and non-violent reactions among all.

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