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Anil Sharda

Dear parents, Guardians, Alummi,Benefactors,and Friend Namaskar|

The root of every progressie organisation lien in the Vision of its founder.It is their hard work and determination that sees a tiny sapling bloom like a fully grown tree with branches reaching out to touch newer horizon. In H. M.Patel E. M. school’s Complex we nurture this process.

I believe that school should provide a warm,Secure and welcoming atmosphere for children. We are Providing the good atmosphere couled with modern Tools and learning method to bring out the creativity of Child in his/her own way for their holistic devlopment. This is our endeavour at H. M .Patel E. M. school’s Complex.

In this era of cut throat competition, it is of paramount Importance to impatr an integrated education to the Fature citizens of nation for successfully facing Multitasking.We prepare our students for life, groom Them to face the challenges of tomorrow and to be Socoally relevant The cutting edge of H. M .Patel E. M.school’s Complex Is to integrate staff, resources and technology Seamlessly into a single energy for educational Empowerment.

Our school aims at giving a place, Free of fear and anxiety where Children are given a selective Ownership and no physical or Mental harm is permitted so as to Enable them to grow naturally.

Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam|(May All Being Be Happy|) Anil Sharda principal

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